The Fleet

The Menai Strait One Design fleet contains 17 boats. Many of them are being sailed in races on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays in the Summer months. The fleet has boats of every number 1 through 18 , except 13 due to the connotations of bad luck associated with it.

Boat Name / NumberCurrent Owner
Britannia / 1Sarah Laing-Gibbens / John Laing
Spindrift / 2Emma Gruffudd Jones
Suzanne / 3John & Karen Begley
Gwylan / 4Raymond Beer
Aderyn / 5Stephen Watson-Jones
Scottie / 6John Williams / John Lloyd
Jetemaan / 7Bill Roberts
Taeping / 8Alison Newell
Alannah / 9Henry Chesterton
Sobraon / 10Anna Pretious
Ceris / 11David Gallichan
Flying Cloud / 12M Lynskey & John Wooton
Sudy / 14Giovanna Culeddu
Myfanwy / 15Lawrence Roberts Family
Treleda / 16Steve Edwards
Playmate / 17Andy McClymont
Lightning / 18Jason Zalot
PresidentMr. R. V. Beer
CommodoreMr. S. B. Watson-Jones
Vice-CommodoreMiss A. M. Pretious
Rear-CommodoreMr. H. Chesterton
SecretaryMr. R. V. Beer

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