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Memories from Beth Hall (nee McClymont) Aug 2008.  Here I am with my brother Jim sailing Treleda.



17 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. What a wonderful website. Thanks for your efforts John, oh and Beth, where would he be without you. A great photographic history of boats and people, the boats get better with time and the people, well they just get older.
    More to come I hope.

  2. Just looked at the RAYC web site – who is the old gentleman sailing Playmate round Puffin? Can that be me old shipmate!
    I’ve had the greatest of times sailing MSOD’s looking at these photo’s brings back happy memories! The best of all being the ‘Blue Lagoon’ return from Puffin as Treleda bumped her way over the banks by the old lifeboat shed with Hugh and I on the bow to lift the rudder out of the water to get over the bank Ha! How we laughed; after we cleared it! Rob.

  3. Very interested to visit your website and learn more about another One Design boat.
    Your Class have the pleasure of sailing on the open waters of the sea, whereas we sail at close quarters with each other on the Broads.
    Good luck for the season and happy racing.

  4. Really good web site well done chaps and chapesses! Particularly enjoyed visiting the one design classes around the u.k, I never knew there was so many!

    Good show!!

  5. Interesting. I was crew in a MSOD coxed (‘helming’ had not yet been coined, dreadful migrant verb) by one Phillips from St Ives, Cornwall, on a wild day in about 1955, off Plas Newydd.
    One boat capsized. We stowed all sail and went to assist under bare pole, but our speed was still such that the line we threw could not be held by those in the water, one of whom was Alan Ross. Our motor boat picked them up, but the capsized boat was missing ’til a day or two later.
    I was 3 years on the Conway – ’54 to ’56.

  6. Great website and nice to see people still appreciate fine boats. I was in Conway ’60-’62, and won the Williamson Cup in ’62 with “Lightning”, the final race being at PD in really light airs. Being an ex Merlin Rocketeer from the Midlands, I was happy with the conditions and recall a great outcry from the competition when I unreeved the main sheet to a single part for better control, and put up a vigorous exhibition of what we used to call ‘roll tacking”.
    All probably illegal, but we won anyway!!

    Good luck with the rebuild of Lightning….great boat!

  7. I have just heard about your website which brings back some wonderful memories for me. I had never sailed a boat before I joined the Conway in 1957 where I was introduced to the fantastic MSOD.
    In the 3 years I was on the Conway I was fortunate enough to sail in the Beaumaris and Caernarfon regattas after our summer term had ended. 10 days of racing every day and it only cost my parents 10 pounds. Well it kept me out of the house for a few more days. I often think back to my learning experiences in the Menai strait and the MSOD.
    I look forward to keeping up with your site for which I thank you.
    kind regards Terence C.M. Johnson

  8. In 1952 I was a cadet at HMS Conway and enjoyed sailing the MSOD dinghy on a number of occasions. One, however, was not as enjoyable. One afternoon two of us managed to put the dinghy aground on the mainland shore on a rapidly falling tide. We were picked up and returned to the ship where we were told that, later that evening, after lights out, we were to return to the MSOD using the ship’s skiff, wait until she refloated, return her to the mooring buoy and then return to the ship and hoist the skiff. It was a wet and cold night and there is not much shelter from the elements on a MSOD. We spent a very uncomfortable ‘lifetime’, well an hour or so, waiting for her to refloat, eventually got her moored and arrived back at the ship cold wet and wretched. It certainly taught us a lesson about going ashore on a falling tide: though I must admit doing it with small boats a couple of times later in life. Who lives may learn. Enjoyed looking at your site. Thank you for happy memories.
    Brian Lloyd Saskatoon Canada

  9. I was at HMS Conway from 61 to 63 at the same time as Andrew McClymont and Hugh Farrell. Andrew has written an article in the latest Conway Club Magazine which alerted me to this website.

    I was in Fxl Division and our boat was Sobraon. The pictures of the string of boats being towed through the Swellies brings back fond memories. It was a long day being towed down to the Gazelle Slip then racing then being towed back but very enjoyable.

    Great to see that the boats are still sailing

  10. I am reasonably sure (subject to function of brain cell) Sabraon capsized in the summer of 1956 or 1957 well downstream towards Dinorwic. She was found even further seaward on the beach. Most of the damage on the turn of the bilge were moderate scars but she went to a yard for the remainder of the summer term and I think a couple of planks were partly renewed. Capt. Hewitt was not amused.

  11. I sailed the MSOD when at HMS Conway 53-55. Most enjoyable time in ‘Lightening’, but the weather helm was terrible. Used to take in a reef earlier than normal to reuce the weather helm, get more upright, and some times more speed. That ‘trick’ did me well on Puffin Island races.

  12. Fantastic web site; great reading about old times,I have been sailing dinghies, center boarders and racing keelers until last year when I capsized my phase 2 dinghy 3 times! thought it might be time to give up the small stuff after 50 yrs!

  13. I like what you guys are up too. Such smart work and reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my site bckaadkfdkbb

  14. I remember entering, I think it was Flying Cloud, in the Menai Straits Regattas for several races – must have been summer 1065 I guess. Had great fun. We had use of No 2 power boat, which we used as a taxi for the various evening events taking place at Sailing Clubs etc!!

  15. I have fond memories of sailing in my father’s MSO based in Aberystwyth late 50’s. I am not sure where he bought it or where it ended up. I do remember that it was a heck of a business getting the centre plate up for a young lad and probably not the ideal boat for sailing in through the narrow harbour mouth in Aber when the British Anzani failed to start! My fading grey matter has lost the name but I think it began with “S” ???

  16. David, The only MS at HMS CONWAY that I recall with an S was SOBRAON. Not sure if that was the original name.
    You are right about the plate though, it didn’t get any lighter over the years!!

    I sailed LIGHTNiNG from ‘60 to ‘62. Good light weather boat in competition with Theo other MSOD. I re-rove the mainsheet to make it a bit easier to adjust in light airs, and even got my crew enthusiastic about trying to roll-tack. Both probably illegal and a waste of time , but as the saying goes; it seemed a good idea at the time!!
    Best regards to all MSers from Singapore

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